Are we losing our faith?

A new poll begs the question; are we losing our faith?

The new numbers from Pew show 30% of American adults are not affiliated with any religion. Jonathan Saenz with Texas Values says there are reasons for that.

"It's important to note that we just went through a period where some government officials were closing churches; were pressuring people to stay at home and away from their church community," Saenz stated.

Saenz says that's just one factor. Another one is that we are spread too thin these days.

"We see a lot of that. But God has not left us," Saenz said.

According to the research, Christians make up 63% of the population, down from 75% a decade ago.

Praying hands with faith in religion and belief in God on dark background. Power of hope or love and devotion. Namaste or Namaskar hands gesture. Prayer position.

Photo: Getty Images

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