Is Re-Gifting Tacky --- or Not So Bad?!?

Is it so wrong to re-gift for Christmas? (which is only 3 days away!) Image and Etiquette Expert Valerie Sokolosky says as long as you're thinking only of the receiver, it's pretty handy. "83% of people think that not only is it ok to do it --- but they don't mind getting a 're-gift.' " She says new candles, kitchen gadgets and outer-wear are particularly appropriate. Here's what NOT to give. "No sentimental gifts, no hand-made things. Don't give away ANYTHING that is not re-packaged. And most important: Never re-gift within you circle of gifts!"

" 'Twas the Night..." read by your Faves

So, That means if you have been gifted a new kitchen gadget that you already have, or have a box of beautiful scented candles you'll never have time to light Sovlosky says it's ok to re-gift them - as long as the people you're giving them to will love and use them. "Thinking about a)the right person with the b)right gift c) at the right situation d) and doing it from the heart with some real thought behind it."

She says to follow some other guidelines like:

  • No items you picked up at a business conference trade show. Tacky! Tacky! Tacky!
  • No baked goods someone else baked for you that you didn't like.
  • Anything that is not absolutely BRAND NEW.

photo: GetyImages

When re-gifting, make sure you CHANGE THE NAME TAG!!Document: Getty Images

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