Hillary Clinton May Want A Rematch With Donald Trump In 2024

Speculation is mounting that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself for another presidential run in 2024.

Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye, reappearing on social media and TV, warning the country it would be bad if Donald Trump won the 2024 election. Political analysts say she could be testing the waters for a rematch against Trump. However, University of Houston Political Science Professor Jacquie Baly says whether the next Democratic nominee is 79-year-old Joe Biden or 74-year-old Hillary Clinton, Americans are getting tired of the same old names.

“If there’s only the dynasties and people who are in the hierarchy and have been in the mainstream political scene for decades, they’re going to realize that those voters are not going to accept that,” Baly said.

She adds Clinton has a lot of baggage, which means Republicans might have an advantage if 2016 Democratic nominee runs again.

“The face that women disliked her at a very high and alarming rate. We also have Benghazi, and we had a lot of issues not only when she was running for president, but also when she was the first lady,” Baly explained. “Then, we had issues whenever she was the Secretary of State.”

Voters may not feel confident with either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. A recent survey found only about 37% of Democrats want Biden to run again.

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