The Texas-Funded Border Wall Under Construction

Today (12-18-2021) [Texas] Governor Greg Abbott kicked off the new construction of the Texas/Mexico Border Wall. It's the first stretch of a border wall being built by any state. The Governor saying it is an unprecedented investment in border security. “This unprecedented action is needed for one single reason, and that's because the Biden administration has failed to do its job,” Abbott said.

Abbott commenting that one of the reasons The Wall is so important to Texas and the U.S. is that many of the illegal migrants are not coming FROM Mexico --- the are coming THROUGH Mexico, often from counties like Russia, Syria, China and Iran that are hostile to the United States. Also, not only are these migrants bringing in MS-13 Gang members, human trafficking operators and people infected with Covid, but they are bringing in large quantities of Fentanyl. Says the Governor, "We're seeing something devastating that the Biden administration is not doing enough about. It's the ENORMOUS amount of THE DEALY DRUG Fentanyl coming across our border. 2 milligrams of it is a deadly dose. We have already apprehended enough Fentanyl to kill every woman, child and man in Texas, New York, California, Florida and Illinois COMBINED!"

Construction crews on site said about 880 feet of barrier have been installed as of Saturday (12-18-2021) afternoon.


Dramatic Image of the US/Mexico Border Wall at Port Anapra Near El Paso Texas

Texas Border Wall construction begins with Texas state and private funds.Photo: Getty Images

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