You Too Can Live the Life of the TV Series “Lost”

Are you a fan of “Survivor,” but more of a survivalist than revengeful opportunist? Imagine yourself stranded on a remote island like the TV series “Lost,” looking for life’s deeper meanings and k-rations?

A company called Black Tomatoes, playing on the psychological woes of pandemic remoteness and heightened survival existentialism, is creating vacation getaways, offering to invent a scenario that will challenge your mental and physical abilities.

They don’t come cheap, a basic one starting at $10,000 but some escalating to triple digits, depending on how deep your needs go and how deep your pockets are.

You might know the destination, perhaps Tanzania, or maybe Mozambique, or Greenland, or the Amazon, or for enough cash you won’t know until you get there, and then you are there. You may have to get from here to there to get out, with a former military individual tracking you from a distance, just in case you’re not up to the challenge.

Or you can forgo the challenge and enjoy the remoteness of feeling stranded. It’s your vacation. One woman who took a three-day trip to Morocco likened her experience to a “very pleasant kidnapping with coffee breaks.”

If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift for that special adventurous someone to put under the tree, this could be it.

photo: Getty Images

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