More Texans Avoid Posting About Politics on Social Media

Many Texans believe social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become a hotbed for hostility. They want out.

A growing number of Texans say they're tired of people posting their political viewpoints on social media. So much so that many are censoring themselves, choosing not to post anything that might be construed as controversial. A recent survey by Redact found 41% of Texans avoid posting about politics for fear of being ostracized.

“Mainstream Americans, folks that just want to reconnect with their friends sometimes fall victim to this woke culture that shame them, and people are saying ‘no, thank you,’” Republican strategist Jessica Colon said.

She accuses sites like Facebook and Twitter of censoring Conservative perspectives for years.

“People don’t want to be a part of it,” Colon explained. “That’s why you see them seeking alternative platforms to participate in and you see them responding at the ballot box against this woke culture [in schools] and that they want to have no part of it any longer.”

The survey also found 69% of social media users in Texas think their entire post history should be completely erased after they die.

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