Ad Agencies Are Stepping Up Efforts To Push Our Culture Even Further Left

Not only have tv shows and the mainstream media gone left, you have probably already noticed that tv commercials have gone 'woke' as well. Dan Gainor, V.P. with the Media Research Center says it's on purpose.

"Of course, and that's not new, but what's happened is, A) they have become really overt about it, and B) there are almost no companies that are a part of it now."

The big commercials are all using the same playbook, with gay or interracial couples, purposely excluding white people, or having a woman in power with a subservient male.

"It's obvious their pushing an agenda" Gainor told KTRH, and that agenda includes appeasing the 'woke' audience, while not getting cancelled.

"Conservatives don't boycott, liberals do and that's really what it comes down to" Gainor said, "The important thing for ordinary people to remember is all of these big companies hate you. Really, they do. The left is destroying these companies, and it's intentional."

Whether it's Joy Reid's show, or glamorizing Colin Kapernick, it's there for all to see. But don't forget, you don't have to watch.

Family having popcorn while watching TV

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