A Majority Of Small Business Owners Say Holiday Sales Will Determine 2022

As we wind down 2021, it's been a tough year for all of us, but especially for small businesses.

A new survey shows that 78% of small businesses are counting on holiday sales to determine whether or not they will stay open in 2022.

"So many of the smaller businesses do specialty retailing" said financial expert Bill Dendy, "They do the type of sales that are very dependent on the consumer consuming, especially during the holiday season."

With inflation rising at it's fastest rate in 39 years, the supply chain issues, and the labor shortages due to Democrat policies that paid people not to work, it's been a rough year.

"That's even more so for those smaller retailers" Dendy told KTRH, "Waiting for this holiday season to finally make a profit, and if they don't make it this year? they may not make it all."

And as for that number of 78%, is it really that high? "They see those profits come in that 4th quarter, and so that 78% is not a big surprise for small businesses. They really are dependent on having a really good holiday season."

Something to think about if you're doing any shopping this week.

Customer paying for order of cheese in grocery shop.

Photo: Getty Images

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