Christmas 2021 – Yes, Virginia – There Still Is A Santa Claus

We made it to Christmas in 2021, and most importantly, we hope that it's a great one. But make no mistake about it, 2021 was another tough year. As noted throughout this space, it is truly hard to put into words how much damage has been done to our country by the Biden administration.

Thankfully, the left has still not been able to cancel Christmas! As absurd as that sounds, it's true.

"There's a group of Grinch's out there who want to cancel, or steal Christmas from us" said Dr. Shannon Holzer, professor at Houston Baptist, "The great thing about it is, the more they try, the less it's really going to happen. Christmas will not be cancelled, people will not stop celebrating the birth of Christ."

We need some celebration, but for true Christians this year more than ever, needs to be a reminder of what is really the reason for the season. The birth of Christ.

"It's not just merely the giving and receiving, and giving of gifts, it's Jesus" Dr. Holzer told KTRH, "In one word, that's what Christmas is about. That's what sets us apart from the secular world, and the way they celebrate Christmas, because they're not celebrating the birth of Christ."

Time with loved ones, gifts, family and friends, and parties are all important and meant to be enjoyed. But this year was a great reminder of where we need to place our hope, and our faith, and we need to be lights, in a dark world.

"If you want to change the world, understand that you first have to change the heart" Dr. Holzer said. "It's hard to change people through reason, especially when we're dealing with stubborn people. People will not be in favor of abortion when they love Jesus. They'll become pro-life once they become pro-God."

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus Wearing A Mask Banner

Photo: Getty Images

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