How Will The World Decide When The Pandemic Is Over?

With Democrats doing everything they can to keep it going until next years midterms, the question now is, when will the pandemic be officially over? And how will the world decide it?

"At this point if you look at it, it looks like the pandemic is over, there is no pandemic" said local infectious disease expert Dr. Richard Urso, "The organizations, the entities that actually have the authority to make this statement, the WHO, the CDC, and the FDA, I don't think they're going to come out until the pharmaceutical companies are not able to control them completely."

We are already on to booster #4, with the big drug companies set to make billions of dollars in profits this.

"I think we're going to have a never ending pandemic" Dr. Urso told KTRH, "I think we're going to have something where more boosters are going to be needed, but this will quote "never end", we'll never get back to normal. What we're seeing is a moving target, and that's the problem. So without a well defined target, I don't know when they are ever going to call of the national emergency."

Outside of the political arena, Becky Blaylock with the Freedom Matters Action Group told KTRH, "I think this is going to be around as long as we allow it to be around. If more Americans would step up and say I'm not going to wear a mask anymore, I'm not going to get the vaccine because you tell me to. If we take back the power, then we have the control and this goes away."

We'll see what happens in 2022. "I think it's clear that there are some bad actors on the world stage said" Blaylock said, "They have a vested interest in keeping this pandemic around, and unfortunately I think we're going to see it continue. But the good news is that a lot of Americans have woken up."


Photo: Getty Images

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