What Exactly Do Americans Have In Common Anymore?

We are a divided nation, probably more so than ever before. Is there anything we can all agree upon? Any common ground? Not right now.

"The country was founded on coming to a consensus, where you could disagree civilly and still have discussions" said political historian Gary Polland, "Now, what we see happening in America is the woke left is not interested in debate, not interested in different ideas, they're interested in shutting it down, which is a prescription to destroy the country."

It's difficult to think about the two sides coming together when everything in our nation right now has gone left. When you go to work, your company is probably woke. When you take your kids to school, you have to fight against indoctrination. If you just want to live your life, there are Democrat mandates. And even at home, your personal social media is censored, and if you want to find out what's going on, the news is basically DNC propaganda.

"The woke left is only interested in one side of the debate" Polland told KTRH, "And if you're on the other side, you're bad, you're evil, you're terrible, and we're not going to listen to you at all."

Listening to the other side is something that is non-existent. Everything has become political. Even sports and entertainment. So where do we go from here?

As we've seen over the last several last months, including last month in the November elections, conservatives are pushing back, fighting back to save our country.

"Here in Houston, 2 liberal leaning members of the school board were replaced by two conservatives" said political commentator Vlad Davidiuk, "You're starting to see a push back against the leftward lurch of the country, and I think that's going to be a real key way of saving America."

But in the meantime, especially as we are now in the holiday season, conservatives need to be lights, because light overcomes darkness.

"The challenges, and trials and tribulations, are there for us to overcome" Davidiuk told KTRH, "We are ambassadors for something higher, and something better, and until that time, the challenge is how do we continue to shine in this darkness?"

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