The Economy is Still Lagging, but a Christmas Bonus would be Great!

As the holidays march on, studies and surveys proclaim that most workers feel a seasonal bonus will not magically appear this year! Business Analyst Adam Hartung, though, says they may be happily surprised. "For many companies, 2021 was one of the best years they have ever had! Health Care, Financial Services, Cyber Security - the list is pretty long. People working in those areas should see maximum bonuses." With many workers hopping to other jobs, Hartung says employers are using bonuses to keep staff from leaving. For many other businesses that didn't have such a great year, like Hospitality, they will also going to give bonuses to those workers who stuck around and tried to participate in bringing those businesses back."

Help REALLY Wanted: Companies Giving Hire-On Bonuses for New Hires

Hartung says next year will continue to be a tough year for hiring - especially without sign-on bonuses. He also says prices will continue to rise as employers fork over higher pay to keep their staffs on board.

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Cash Money Christmas Present of U.S. Currency on White Background

Is a Christmas Bonus in YOUR future?Photo: Getty Images

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