So You Think You'll Be Safe From 'Wealth Taxes'? Think Again

With inflation and gas prices at near record highs, you'd think that at the very least, you could be safe from higher taxes. Think again.

With Joe Biden and the Democrats getting closer to passing their massive spending bill, they continue to use what is now the DNC company line "we're only going to tax the wealthy". That is not possible.

"When politicians say they're going to tax the rich, they haven't finished the sentence" said Grover Norquist, president of Americans For Tax Reform, "We're going to tax the rich first, then you. That's where they make their money, they always start by promising they're only going to tax the rich, and they end up taxing everyone."

While the 'wealth tax' idea may look good on paper, the reality is, there aren't enough wealthy Americans in this country to cover what the Democrats want to spend, and more importantly redistribute.

Another lie is that 'businesses' will pay for most of it, or as Biden says, "pay their share". The problem with that is, 99% of the businesses in the U.S. are -small- businesses!

If that's not bad enough, the Democrats also want to sneak in what they call a tax of 'unrealized gains'. Basically, if you own a home and it goes up in value, you will pay a tax on it, regardless of whether or not you tap into your equity. The same will apply with the value of your 401k.

Closer to home here in Texas, as part of the radical 'Green New Deal', Biden has threatened to tax the big oil companies, to punish them for climate change.

"Gasoline taxes are not taxes on gasoline, they are taxes on people who buy gasoline" Norquist told KTRH, "So when he tells you those big oil companies are going to pay for massive tax increases, he knows better than that. But he is hoping that you don't."

Norquist also points out that the Democrats don't want you know what is in these massive bills that they are trying to ram through.

"The worst things are more likely to come in at the last moment when you have no time to react" he said.

This is what the Democrats do, and this is who the people voted for.

Tax scam. Form with sign on a desk.

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