Republicans Less Trusting Of Doctor's Advice Than In The Past

America is a divided nation, and now that includes advice from your doctor.

A study shows that over the last year, as well as the last decade, Republicans are now less trusting of their doctor's advice, while Democrats confidence has increased.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me" said Dr. Robin Armstrong, "The patients are concerned that their doctor may not necessarily be making decisions that are in their best interests, they're concerned that the doctor may in fact be making decisions to protect his own liability."

Dr. Armstrong would know, he was almost cancelled early on in the pandemic for actually trying to help patients that were sick. "I was attacked personally for trying to save my patients" Dr. Armstrong told KTRH, "So my perspective is that if I can be attacked for that, then everyone is at risk."

It is for that reason that Robin Armstrong, a longtime Republican committeeman here in Texas, is running for the soon to be vacant state senator seat in Galveston, as Larry Taylor is not going to run for reelection after a nearly 20-year run. "I think we need voices to really push back and fight" Dr. Armstrong said.

The poll showed that while Americans across the U.S. have lost trust in their doctor over the last year, the majority of Republicans have gone down, with the Democrats expressing more trust in their doctors advice, and the claims of so-called science.

"They've seen so many of our medical leaders, certainly nationally, put out information, and change the information and they've really not communicated well" Dr. Armstrong added, "In some cases they have outright lied to us, and when that happens, you are certainly going to have people that trust their doctors less."

So what can be done? How do we get that trust back? "I think you limit the power of the bureaucracy, you limit the power of the sort of alphabet soup organizations that have been guiding this country in the wrong direction" Dr. Armstrong said, "And I think you limit their power, you limit their scope, and that's they way you turn things around."

For Dr. Robin Armstrong, it has already started with the launch of his campaign. Next up, the primary in March.

Portrait of Old Doctor Waving Finger to Refuse

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