Mitch McConnell Clears The Way For Democrats To Raise The Debt Ceiling

During a recent appearance on The Michael Berry Show, former president Donald Trump was really angry at (R) Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell.

"Mitch McConnell is a terrible leader. What's he's doing now in letting these bills get approved by the Democrats? It's called 'Build Back Better'? I call it Build Back Worse."

Fact check: it is worse. Much worse. Basically, Mitch McConnell gave the Democrats a blank check to spend whatever they want.

When Congress approved a temporary increase in the debt ceiling back in October, it was only for a couple of months. This, is not that.

"Schumer can put whatever number he wants" said Richard Stern, senior policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation, "So that's the point, there's no cap on what Schumer can put in there. It's going to be enough to allow all the spending they want to do, allow this giant socialist tax and spending bill they're doing, and get them through the election. It's going to be a gigantic number, and it didn't have to be."

Why would Mitch McConnell do such a thing? Only he can answer that, but Trump and many other Republicans are livid, calling what he did unfathomable.

"The giant socialist tax and spending bill they've got is packed up, it's in the trunk of the car, and they're trying to drive it across the finish line" Stern told KTRH, "There's no gas in the car. Raising the debt limit? That's putting the gas in the car so they can take it across the finish line."

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are expected to do just that before the end of the month. Mitch McConnell last year was elected to another term, which is expected to be his last. It ends in 2027.

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