A Pet Peeve About Inflation

The cost of everything is going up, including taking care of the critters.

The most recent Consumer Price Index finds that when it comes to food, pet supplies, toys, chewies, pet services including vet visits, shows the costs for maintaining Fluffy and Fido are up 3.9% year over year.

35% of pet owners say they are paying more for the pets now, which means two-third of pet owners aren’t paying much attention.

Michelle Mantor, Editor and Publisher of Houston Pet Talk Magazine, says there are two areas you will feel the pinch. “Certainly in retail products and in health care, and a lot of that goes back to their suppliers.” She says some veterinarians get the products they sell from one supplier, and with supply chain issues, that can become a big problem. The most important thing to remember, she suggests, is not to cut back on quality dog or cat food, and trips to the vet, especially those biannual dental check-ups. Beyond that, get creative. “Perhaps making your own DIY treats, or home-made toys, or find others ways to save but don’t skimp on health care or food quality.”

If you’re still thinking of adding more fur to the house, your most economical choice will be a cat, which will cost on average up to $17,000 during their lifetime. A dog on the other hand will cost up to $22,000. But they’ll be happier to see you when you get home.

photo: Getty Images

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