3 Potential Crises On The World Stage – Will Sleepy Joe Wake Up In Time?

It's a global wake-up call for Joe Biden, both literally and figuratively.

Already dealing with tanking polling numbers that are only getting worse, Biden is now facing his biggest moment, on the big world stage.

There are a trio of potential crisis on the horizon involving Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan, and the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran.

"I would say right now that of all the global crisis that are out there, the one between the United States and Russia has been building for a long time" said Harry Kazianis, Senior Director at the Center for the National Interest in Washington, "And I think it's the one for potential conflict."

Basically, Russia does not Ukraine to join NATO, but if they go to far and take military action, the U.S. could help impose banking sanctions which would cripple Russia's economy.

"You have to remember that both sides are sitting on thousands of nuclear weapons" Kazianis told KTRH, "While we don't like to think about the prospects of nuclear war, I think the era of Covid-19 teaches us just because something seems unlikely, doesn't mean it can't happen."

What about China and Iran? "I think it's a game of chicken, and it's a potential game of nuclear chicken" Kazianis said. "It's the old Obama team that is really guiding Joe Biden. I think we're going to end up being in a situation a few years from now where we see Iran detonate a nuclear weapon. I think it's a matter of time."

The time has come Joe Biden, and the world is watching.

President Biden Meets With Leaders Of Mexico And Canada In The White House

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