Red States Continue To Do Better Than Blue States – Duh

In not breaking news, a new report put together by the CATO Institute showed that Republican states are blowing away Democrat-led states in overall economic, and personal freedom.

The red wave has already arrived.

"No surprise at all" said UH professor and tv personality Jacquie Baly, "You see the states that avoided, or quickly removed any kind of aggressive Covid-19 responses outperformed other states, and of course those are led by Republicans and conservatives."

New Hampshire was #1 on the list, followed by Florida, with Governor Ron DeSantis leading by an example that several red states have since followed. "People saw with his state how he wanted individuals to make decisions" Baly told KTRH, "He was the leader in a way that others were not, and his state flourished because of it."

The blue states, as expected, were at the bottom with New York dead last at #50! But in a bit of surprise, Texas was down at #21.

"Even though we are a Republican led state, every single large city in Texas is led by liberals" Baly said. "As much as the Governor has said we don't want to impose mandates, you have the county judges, and their liberal counter parts, who are saying completely opposite."

The study takes a deeper dive into government regulations, fiscal policy, and civil liberties.

"And that's why you're going to see when we come up for reelection, Biden's going to have a lot of problems" Baly concluded. Like the red wave, those problems are already here.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Kicks Off The 2021 Python Challenge In The Everglades

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