The American Population is Changing - More are Living Alone

  • More Americans are delaying marriage, having children and over a third over the age of 15 have never married.
  • More than 25% of us are living alone.
  • Women and men over the age of 85 are our fastest growing population.

Rice Professor Emeritus Dr. Stephen Klineberg says: "There's a feeling of insecurity. They are thinking: 'How many babies do we want to bring into the world and can we afford them?' Two people working; the cost of brining up children has increased dramatically; the optimism is less that it once was." He forecasts smaller families could change construction activity. "Houston has built a whole infrastructure on the basis of big families living in single family structures living out in the suburbs. Now the city will also have to think about how it will prepare for the future of the city in the 21st century."

Changing Demographics of Texas

Many Americans are delaying life getting married, having children, and over 11 per cent of people over 18 are living with their parents mostly because they never learned about managing money. Dr. Klineberg: "Fewer than one third of all families have children at home. And 25% of all 'families' are living alone." He says we're also an aging society.

These changes will necessitate adjustments to among others, housing, school systems, medical facilities and future careers.


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More people live alone than ever beforePhoto: Getty Images

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