Jan 6: Democrats Want To Change The Electoral Count Law

More fallout from January 6th, as some members of Congress want to change the Electoral Count Law, which has been in place since 1887.

On the surface, this just seems like more of the same, as Democrats use the event at the Capitol (which many now believe was staged) to continue their baseless attacks on former president Donald Trump, and of course Trump supporters.

What is the 1887 Electoral Count Law? "It was adopted about 150 years ago during a disputed election, as a way to make sure that if there were competing slates or questions about the votes, that Congress would be the arbiter" said Rice University professor Mark Jones.

Basically, after a presidential election is certified by the electoral college, the House and the Senate have the final say. Normally, no big deal. This was done as a safeguard, just in case something illegitimate happened with an election. Rewind to 2020, and there are some who still believe that something did happen with the election! Unfortunately, we will never know because the courts have refused to hear the case.

Looking ahead to 2024, while it's the Democrats who are leading the charge for change, Republicans should be concerned as well, that Democrats wouldn't use a majority to overturn a Republican win.

"Either side, you can imagine a scenario where one party has a majority but is unpopular, and loses a presidential election" Jones told KTRH, "But then it rejects votes from certain states won by the opposing candidate, to allow it's candidate to remain in office."

Scary, but true. So will there be changes? "If you had asked me a year ago the answer would have been no" Jones said, "However after the events of January, it's clear that the law needs to be reformed."

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