Covid: We Are No Longer Hearing About Covid Deaths

Covid is back in the news again, just in time for the holidays. And while we are 'Omicron' overload, the one thing we are not hearing about at all? Covid deaths. Why? Because they are not happening.

"Covid deaths seem to have dropped off the map" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, who is also a regular contributor to American Thinker. "Death is something that you can wave at people to scare them, but if it's not happening they can't mention it, they have to use something else, so they just talk about the variant, and this is the worst one ever, and we're all going to die, but the evidence shows otherwise."

Indeed it does. Covid numbers have been on decline for months. Vaccination, natural immunity, and therapeutics have all been a factor, while so far the dreaded 'Omicron' variant has been a non-factor, with zero deaths.

"How much different is this than a cold?" Dr. Joondeph told KTRH, "Some people have no symptoms, and many are fully vaccinated, some even with a booster. So, those are all questions that are hanging out there that the media doesn't care to ask, and nobody wants to explore."

The Covid death numbers are down, but fear and tv ratings need to remain up, and we can't forget that.

"It seems to be whatever is most useful to create fear and panic, and justify further lockdowns, mandates, etc." Dr. Joondeph said. Some things haven't changed.

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