Tens of Millions in Border Wall Materials Still Sitting Unused in Texas

The Biden administration has scrapped former President Donald Trump’s plans for a border wall, but tens of millions of taxpayer dollars’ worth of construction materials are still sitting in the hot Texas sun.

Cameras, lights, steel, and other kinds of materials appear to be in limbo. Estimates say in Texas alone, there's 100 million dollars’ worth of supplies sitting unused. Bob Price, with Breitbart Texas, says it is a waste of taxpayer dollars.

“Prior to Donald Trump coming into office, Democrats were all in favor of border walls,” Price explained. “They voted multiple times for border walls and border security, but once Donald Trump became president, it was the new hidden sin.”

Governor Greg Abbott says the Lone Star State is moving forward with erecting privately built fencing. So, can the state of Texas just use all that material which is already near the southern border? Bob Price, with Breitbart Texas, says not under this White House.

“That would be a wonderful concept except that we’d have to buy it from the Biden administration, and there’s not probably a snowball’s chance in Hades they would sell it to us because they know what we would do with it,” Price said.

The Army Corp of Engineers and the General Services Administration (GSA) are reportedly in the process of selling or making those materials available to other government agencies.

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