Joe Biden Is Looking To Fill Court Vacancies Quickly To Offset Trump

For the entire 4 years that Donald Trump was in office, there was not one positive thing reported about him by the mainstream media.

But one of Trump's biggest accomplishments, much to the dismay of the left, was appointing over 230 judges, including the 3 big ones on the Supreme Court.

"Trump's perhaps most lasting legacy will be the courts" said Josh Blackmon, professor at South Texas College Of Law here in Houston. "This was actually a huge area of success during the time when Republicans kept the Senate, and Republicans had the White House. It was a judicial machine, he pumped them through very quickly."

Now, Joe Biden is trying to do the same, hoping to offset some of the conservative judges that were appointed by Trump. Right now there are currently 78 federal openings across the U.S.

"There have been no appellate openings in Texas, or in the 5th Circuit which is based in Louisiana" Blackmon told KTRH, "But President Biden will probably be able to change the composition of several of the courts before the end of this year."

That is the plan, especially with Republicans expected to control of the House and the Senate in 2022.

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