Black Lives Matter Launches Anti-Christmas Campaign

Are you dreaming of a 'woke' Christmas? You may not have a choice. It's becoming a reality.

Even worse than the Grinch that would steal Christmas, is the left trying to cancel Christmas.

In the UK for example, the government has decided to ban the word Christmas because they want to avoid offending minorities.

"These woke bureaucrats in the UK who are trying to cancel any mention of Christmas by the government" said FOX News contributor Elizabeth Ames, "They should stick to their knitting, they're not thinkers, they're bureaucrats and they're ridiculous."

Even more ridiculous than that is BLM, aka Black Lives Matter is launching their own anti-Christmas campaign, calling it 'white supremacy'.

"Ironically they're the biggest capitalists of all, dishonestly" Ames told KTRH, "Their former leader bought 4 luxury homes, they want a black Christmas? These people are trying to totally undermine the foundations of our great democracy, and the founding fathers. We can't let this small group of extreme radicals, we've got to take back the narrative and not be ashamed, and not fall into this ridiculous woke mindset."

Unfortunately, many left leaders along with the mainstream media have fallen into that mindset. From "Happy holidays", to the removal of nativity scenes, it's become an annual tradition.

"Everybody likes Christmas, I'm Jewish and I like Christmas" Ames said, "They don't like people enjoying themselves, they don't like prosperity."

That is true, but light always overcomes darkness. So be a light, and don't forget the 'Christ' in Christmas.

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