Employers Could Be Using ‘Bossware’ To Spy On Workers At Home

Do you work from home or are planning to make the change? Privacy advocates say be warned. Your company may be spying on you.

Cyber experts say in the midst of a work-from-home era, more companies are installing monitoring software. This so-called “bossware” can track your hours, screen time, keystrokes and even the webcam you use. Matthew Scherer, with the Center for Democracy and Technology, says there's more to the issue than just privacy concerns.

“It really takes a toll on workers’ physical and mental health,” Scherer said. “It establishes a pace of work that is truly grueling, and that can lead to repetitive motion injuries, it can lead to ergonomic injuries because you’re not allowed to move from your chair.”

He says companies don't have to tell you they're watching you, especially if you are using a company computer.

“There really isn’t a recourse that’s available to workers that just allows them to say ‘you can’t monitor me at all’ because even if a worker tries to say that, then the employer can just say ‘well, I’m firing you’”, Scherer explained.

He adds the key is to assume everything you do on company property will be made public.

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