American Cities Are Reverting To Primitive, Self-Destructive Behavior

It's gotten so bad, even the mainstream can no longer ignore it. The rise in violent crime, smash and grabs, and drugs.

American cities are crumbling under poor leadership, and self-destructive behavior.

"It's just everything, and people are just devolving" said Charles Blain with Urban Reform. "It's unfortunate, but we've been seeing this happen for years, and now it's just starting to spiral out of control, so I definitely think we are regressing, and it's not a picture."

The other part of the picture is blue, as in blue cities. Poor leadership, and support to 'defund the police' have led to what we are now witnessing.

"In these blue cities we've seen years and years of corruption" Blain told KTRH, "It's a long road ahead and we're certainly in it for the near future."

At least until November of 2022!

You can read more about this story from Andrea Widburg, on American Thinker.

Protestors In Seattle Rally Against Police Brutality In Death Of George Floyd

Photo: Getty Images

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