Texas SB 6 Is Now Law - It Requires Cash Bail For Violent Crimes

There are 7 new laws that went into effect today in Texas, including SB 6, which now requires cash bail for those accused of violent crimes.

Republican state senator Paul Bettencourt, who sponsored the bill, says it was long overdue.

"Simply put, we don't want violent criminals released on to our streets" Bettencourt said. "SB 6 is numerous improvements that the public is really demanding, and they should, because the public no longer feels safe."

One of the main reasons why is because the liberal judges here in Harris County have continued to let violent criminals with prior convictions out on low bail. Something City Council Member Michael Kubosh tells KTRH is unacceptable.

"This is ridiculous, and the way to change this is the public's got to get outraged" he said. "We've got to get rid of these liberal judges who are not concerned with the public safety, of the community."

Ironically, SB 6 goes into law just 2 days after Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo blamed 'bail bondsman' for all of the repeat offenders.

"She would much rather have violent criminals released on to the streets , than incarcerated where quite frankly they belong" Bettencourt told KTRH. "She's wrong on this issue, she's been wrong, trying to blame others for what really has been a public policy decision."

Bad policies, stemming from bad leadership, says Kubosh. "That's what happens when you have someone this young in office, and they just don't get it." Hopefully voters will get it, next time around.

The other 6 laws that went into effect today in Texas include the sweeping voter integrity bill, the ban on CRT in Texas classrooms, and the much needed crackdown on social media.

Handcuffs and money. Dollars for bail bonds.

Photo: Getty Images

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