Republicans Warn ATF Taking Steps Toward Unofficial Gun Registry

Republicans are sounding the alarm on gun rights.

Texas Representative Michael Cloud and 51 other Republicans in Congress warn the Biden administration is encroaching on the Second Amendment. They say the ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), the government law enforcement agency that deals with firearms, is proposing a rule that would create a backdoor gun registry without Congress permission. Attorney Edwin Walker, with Texas Law Shield, says Cloud has a point. The agency is trying to keep firearm purchase records that are more than two decades old.

“What is the purpose other than for eventually creating a federal gun registry of the ATF hanging on the 4473 [forms] that are over twenty years old?”, Walker asked.

He says if a backdoor gun registry were unofficially created, it would undermine the rights of gun owners.

“If the Congress decides to declare a particular firearm illegal that was previously legal, if the possession of that weapon is illegal, where are you going to the find out who’s in possession of these weapons?”, Walker questioned.

He adds the federal government is not legally allowed to create a gun registry.

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