More Of Us Are Losing Confidence In The Pillars Of Our Civilization

As we countdown to the end of 2021, it's been a tough year for conservatives. Our country is more divided then it's ever been before, inflation is at a near record high, crime is sky high, the mainstream media is basically DNC propaganda, there's big tech censorship, and the fight against CRT, and rampant reverse racism.

Add to that, a dishonest administration, an FBI and Justice Department that has been corrupted by the left, and the bottom line is, more than half the country has lost faith in many of the pillars of our nation.

"One thing that has become painfully clear to many Americans, is that we can no longer trust in the major institutions of this country" said author and political commentator Jim Hanson. "I think at this point the left has been very successful in a decades long attempt to take over the major institutions of our culture, and our society."

This didn't happen overnight, and it won't go away in a day. But Hanson is confident that conservatives are awake now, as we saw in Virginia, and will continue the much anticipated 'red wave' in next years midterms.

"We were under the impression that the constitution guaranteed us a way of life, that it guarantees us, and we were wrong" Hanson told KTRH, "That can be taken away if we sit this out on the sideline. The heartening thing for me is I think our team is now getting into the fight."


Photo: Getty Images

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