Progressives Push To Free More Criminals

Bail reform, and letting violent criminals out on bond is not just a problem here in Houston. The tragedy in Waukesha was a grim reminder of that.

Houston Congressman Troy Nehls is now getting to see it up close in Washington, where the radical progressives, aka 'the squad' believe that there should be lower bail, and criminals should be set free.

"This is what the Democrats want to do" Nehls said, "It doesn't surprise me, with 'the squad' as far left as they are, everything seems to be racist to them, so what they would like to do is just empty our prisons, which I think is complete garbage."

They believe excessive bail, and mass incarcerations are racist, and Michigan Rep. Rashida Talib has introduced a bill to close ALL federal prisons within 10 years.

"Talib is going to have a very difficult time, and if she wants to do that, she'd better try to get is done soon because we're going to get the House back in 2022" Nehls told KTRH, "But look at the flipside, January 6th, you've got people still in jail for misdemeanors after 11 months? Give me a break."

As for what's happening here in Houston? Where Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo actually blamed bail bondsmen for all of the repeat crime offenders, "Just look at Houston" Nehls said, "Look at the number of innocent people that have been murdered by individuals that have been released by liberal judges in Harris County. I think those judges should be held accountable for that."

On a positive note, Nehls is introducing a positive piece of legislation himself, calling for the hiring of 100,000 new police officers across the U.S.

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