How Old Is Too Old To Be President?

It's become our elephant not in the room, but in America!

Something is just not right with President Biden. You can see it on his face, how he moves, the way he talks, and even how he doesn't talk with the media, unless there's a script.

"It's pretty obvious that somebody behind him is pulling the strings" said retired political professor Allan Saxe, "They wanted somebody like a ventriloquist, and you see that almost every day."

As a result, many believe we need to see a change in the laws, in the form of an age limit for politicians.

"Some people are able to manage it very well, and Donald Trump is one of them" Saxe told KTRH, "But that's not Joe Biden. We're in a very dangerous place in American history."

The majority of Americans now agree, and are equally concerned about the prospect of V.P. Kamala Harris taking over as president.

So what should the age limit for politicians be? "I would guess maybe 70 would be a very good age" Saxe said while noting how bad it has become for Biden across the country.

"There's so many jokes about him, like let's go Brandon!" Saxe said, "He was old long before this."

With 3 more years left to go. Plus, Biden says he is planning on running again.

President Biden Meets With Leaders Of Mexico And Canada In The White House

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