Build Back Better Could Become Build Back Broke!

Holiday spending is expected to be higher this year than last... and Houston businesses are continuing to struggle with supply chain issues from manufacturers all the way to their own lack of staff. Employment Professionals say bringing back workers is critical to easing our supply chain issues . Texas Public Policy Foundation Chief Economist Dr. Vance Ginn says Build Back Better will just get in the way with it's lack of incentive to investors. "It will be a disaster for our supply chain because fewer people want to invest and expand those supply chains. It will be a disaster for American workers as we will have fewer people who are employed...Add to it - more people are being paid not to work!"

Build Back Better Act Takes Aim at Single Family Home

He says the Houston area will be hit especially hard if entrepreneurs have to abide by new employment benefits that will increase the tax on working. Dr. Ginn says Build Back Better will make it worse. "We have an entrepreneurial spirit along the Gulf Coast and especially all over Texas and Houston that allows us to create new jobs and hire more people. The Build Better Act will reduce the ability for people to grow their own businesses, invest in their own companies and hire more workers." Employment experts say business owners who find holiday workers are often paying them 30% more than last year.

The bill barely passed the House and is now in the hands of the Senate. Sais Dr. Ginn: "We've gotta kill the bill of the Build Back Better Act!"

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Supply Chain Issues hit Houston as many businesses are having a hard time hiring workers.Photo: Getty Images

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