Matthew McConaughey: Does He or Doesn’t He?

If actor Matthew McConaughey has decided whether he wants to be governor or not, he isn’t telling anyone.

The Academy Award winning author of the best-selling book Green Lights has hinted, winking and nodding with his dimpled smile, about a run for Texas Governor in 2022, but has been mum on his intentions, except to say that an announcement is coming soon.

The deadline for a decision is December 13.

In deciding if leading the world’s 10th largest economy and top state for business growth is in his future, McConaughey most recently talked about his political aspirations with Hollywood Reporter, in Hollywood, flashing the million dollar smile, not people in Texas, like journalists.

He says he’s doing due diligence, because that’s what the state ranked the Best State for Business by the nation’s leading CEO’s for the past 17 years straight have said they are looking for in a leader? McConaughey won another award, named Philanthropist of the Year after raising $7.7 million to help Texans impacted by last winter's freeze. Nice guy.

If he does run, and wins, Governor McConaughey’s press conferences will be must-see-tv.

Stay tuned.

photo: Getty Images

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