Red Alert Over Green Push

As the Biden administration continues to sell Biden's 'Build Back Better' massive socialist spending bill, we are now learning that there are many, many reasons why the Democrats are trying to sneak it through without any transparency or accountability.

We've already exposed the lie that anyone who makes less than $400K will not have a tax increase. That is completely untrue. And now we are finding out that Biden's bill may violate our trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

"The Biden administration is essentially mandating electric cars" said author Marc Morano with The Climate Depot, "They're trying to bring Mexico, and Canada along with us, and it's going to pit countries and consumers against a product known as the electric car."

Basically, what it comes down to is, the electric cars that the Biden administration is going to provide the big subsidies for (you'll have 2 options by the way) will have parts and batteries from China, which will be a huge blow to our neighbors.

"It's also going increase our dependence upon China" Morano told KTRH, "So there's a national security element to this. A big part of this 'Green New Deal' that the Biden administration is pushing is that we are going to be reliant on China."

Yet another example of how the 'Green New Deal' is a really bad deal for the U.S.

Sen. Bernie Sanders And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Introduce Housing Green New Deal

Photo: Getty Images

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