Misinformation Is Rampant In America, But Who Is Really To Blame?

Misinformation is a major problem in our nation, but the real 'fake news' is who is getting the blame.

According to an 80-page report put out by the Aspen Institute, a left-leaning group led by Katie Couric, the same Katie Couric who received mass criticism for deleting a comment from an interview with the late Supreme Court justice RBG because she didn't want her to look bad, conservatives are the reason why there is misinformation.

"You have a bunch of journalists that got together and decided that misinformation is wrong, and there version is every conservative commentator, website, and news organization" said political analyst Luke Macias, "Misinformation is a problem, but it's not the same problem that most journalists think it is, like Katie Couric."

So if they believe conservatives are the problem, then what is the solution? More local media. The only problem with that is, most local tv stations and newspapers are now just puppets for the left, repeating and plagiarizing the DNC propaganda. Over the last 4 years, mainstream media, social media, and the Democrats all became teammates.

"And that's a problem" Macias told KTRH, "They're unwillingness to independent has caused a problem where people just don't trust them."

So what about watching your local tv news? Or helping keep alive that struggling local newspaper? "Everyone should cancel their legacy media subscriptions, honestly. They clearly have not gotten the message" Macias said.

Finally, some true information.

lies of tv propaganda mainstream media disinformation, A fake news report. viewer is watching TV and doesn't believe in fake news. man closes his eyes not to watch the lies on TV.

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