Support is shrinking for stricter gun control

The support for banning hand guns is the lowest it has been since 1959 according to Gallup...and it's way down for stricter gun control! Last year there were over 8 million American first-time gun buyers. Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America says gun sellers know why. "They [new gun buyers] share this with the person across the counter who is selling them a gun: 'Yeah, I disagreed with this for years, but things are going crazy now and I need this for protection.'"

Pratt says many politically left-leaning people are changing their attitudes towards gun ownership. "People who used to vote for the Democrat Party now have something to lose!" He says in many states violent criminals are not being handled adequately and the murder rate spiked last year after years of decline. Pratt says gun sales are up because more people want to protect their families. "People see what's happening and they realize that when the media tries to tell them, 'Oh, these are just peaceful demonstrations...' the people get it!" Pratt says events of the last year are mounting in people's minds. "Self Defense is one of our most basic human rights. People are seeing how crime and murder are skyrocketing in our country. Now the police are being prevented from adequately dealing with it and that right is under attack right now."

He says last year almost half of new gun owners were women.


Woman Shooter at the Shooting Range

Women are a large part of recent new gun ownersPhoto: Getty Images

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