Republicans Release ‘Parent Bill Of Rights’ Over Failure At Public Schools

If you are a believer, you can always find good in something.

Case in point, the pandemic. How can you that anything good could possibly come from a virus that took so many lives? Well, actually there are a few things to be grateful for. It exposed a lot of the evil that has been hidden, it brought a lot of families back together with the right priorities, and it was also a wake-up call for parents, who didn't know that their kids were being indoctrinated at woke public schools.

"I think the one thing that this scam-demic did reveal" said Jean Burk, CEO of College Prep Genius, "That all us as parents had this sort of blind trust that our schools were actually just educating our kids, in reality they were just indoctrinating them, so I think this is going to really give parents a boost."

She is referring to something that Republicans in Washington released last week. It's aptly titled the 'Parents Bill of Rights', and it basically brings to the forefront the authority that parents have, while at the same time putting the public school boards in their proper place, once and for all.

"I think it's great" Burk told KTRH, "It gives parents that reinforcement to know that they have a legal binding bill behind. We need to stopping calling them public schools. They're government schools."

As we saw earlier this month in Virginia, parents who are Republicans and Democrats, came out in force against CRT, and the left's radical agenda.

"What used to be boring, which was a school board meeting, is now becoming the arena for voices" Burk said, "So either the parents are going to take over, or they're just going to leave, there's no middle ground. That's good, and that's the only way to effect change in the education."

The GOP plans to continue gathering support for the bill, before introducing sometime after, they take control of Congress in 2022.

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