Employers Forced To Adapt In Response To The ‘Great Resignation’

The number of workers leaving their jobs is at a record high.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is for real. The U.S. Labor Department says 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September alone. A new survey by Future Forum says it could get worse if companies don't adapt. Employees say they aren’t just looking for a higher salary. They want flexibility where they work, and when they work.

“Organizations who haven’t necessarily have been as flexible with their employee’s time are definitely going to have to face the facts. People have options now,” Joshua M. Evans, a workplace culture expert, said. “They can work anywhere. We’re not geographically bound to a company any longer.”

He credits many employers who now have a better understanding of what their employees are looking for on the job.

“I think we all want to have not only successful careers, but to have personal time as well. So, company’s need to adapt more quickly,” Evans explained. “It’s not that the employees are winning. I think that employers are starting to realize what they can do to really help their employees out.”

Within the past year, some employers have been forced to go the extra mile, raising wages and adding benefits in an attempt to bring back workers who have left or thinking about leaving.

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