What to Know About International Travel Today

The U.S. lifted travel restrictions for vaccinated airline passengers November 8th and with winter vacations approaching and holiday travel returning to something closer to normal people are thinking of ski trips in the Alps and those far-off places that have been forbidden.

But international travelers will find it’s too soon to throw caution to the wind entirely.

The CDC is suggesting depending on the destination, it might be wise to think again.

Among the countries with the highest warning levels in November are:




Czech Republic


The Cayman Islands

The Faroe Islands

The Netherlands


Burkina Faso



Shayla Northcutt of Northcutt Travel Agency in Houston says for those looking to cut loose, there are excellent options. “I just had a honeymoon couple get back from a 14-day Italy tour from Rome to Florence to Venice and they had a blast.” Ciao. She says Texans’ favorite destinations look good. “None of Mexico has changed which is great. Some of the provinces in the Caribbean are now opening up.”

Northcutt says if you are going to cross a border check with your travel agent. They are up to date with conditions all over the planet and will be your best resource for current conditions.

photo: Getty Images

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