And Covid Vaccine Makers Are Raking In $1,000 In Profits Every Second

Joe Biden's vaccine mandate has led to some big profit for big pharma. How big? A new study shows that the big drug companies are going to rake in $34 billion dollars in profit this year which breaks down to $1,000 every single second.

"It's certainly easy for us to go to dark places in our mind and think the worst of not only the pharmaceutical industry, but those that are pushing vaccines, and boosters, and now vaccines for kids and think that this is all a money grab" said Seth Denson, co-founder and chief strategist at GDP Advisors, "And you know what? At the end of the day? Maybe part of that is."

When you see those numbers, it's hard not to think of a conflict of interest, especially when Biden was anti-vaccine mandate while he was running for office.

It's not trillions of dollars like Biden's Democrat wish list, but like the 'green new deal', the green that big pharma is making is not free.

"We are paying for those profits" Denson told KTRH, "We're paying for it through our health insurance premiums, and when we talk about collusion these days, there's no greater collusion in health care than between insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and so on. At the end of the day, the vast majority of these profits that we're seeing, you and I are paying for."

Vials of vaccine from Covid-19 lie on stack of money. Expensive drugs for coronavirus

Photo: Getty Images

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