How Inflation Will Affect The Battleground Races

It has become the Democrats Dilemma. The Biden administration's utopia vs. reality.

For Democrats in New York and Los Angeles, life is good. (except for the people that live there) But for the majority of Democrats across the country? They're in serious trouble, with Biden's radical agenda a serious threat to their control of congress.

"It's an overwhelming threat, it's almost preordained" said longtime Republican strategist Bill Miller, "It's bad, it's terrible, terrible for everyone."

The economy, inflation, sky high prices, it all adds up to a big loss for Democrats in next years midterms.

In the meantime, Covid numbers are down significantly leaving the left with another problem. They can no longer use the pandemic for their failures, and they can't blame Trump!

"He was very handy to lay a lot of problems on, and he's still used to the degree that they can" Miller told KTRH, "But it's just reached the point where these other issues are on their watch. They own it."

Except publicly, where the Democrats employ an across the board strategy of denying that any problems exist.

As we saw earlier this month in Virginia, voters know better. Miller says the Democrats know better as well, but they just can't say anything. Do they continue to follow the DNC party line? Or try to save their careers?

"You want to distance yourself, but with the administration and their policies, it's very, very difficult to do so" Miller says, "I always say, these are professional politicians, if they can't read these tea leaves?"

Did we mention Virginia?

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