Biden's Puppet Masters Are Starting To Show Their True Colors

As we approach the 10 month mark of the Joe Biden presidency, Biden and his administration are starting to run out of cover for their true radical agenda.

"I think he's been pushed around and bullied by the far left, and he's governing that way" said A.J. Kaufman who does an outstanding job writing for PJ Media.

Covid is in the rear view mirror, and the Biden administration can no longer blame Donald Trump for all of the failures, on so many fronts.

"They're exposing themselves because they feel like they have to, and they're trying get all this stuff done thinking that the more radical they are, the more they can accomplish, but that's just not true" said Brandon Morse, editor of Red State, "That's the lie they've been telling themselves ever since Trump won. They thought that the reason they kept losing was because they weren't radical enough, it's a lie they told themselves, and now it's a lie."

They lied to the American people by portraying Joe Biden as a moderate. Now the truth is finally coming out (even though you were warned a year ago) that Biden's 'green new deal' will crush the middle class, while putting our nation on the path to socialism. And after dodging the questions about the future of fossil fuels, the administration is making it clear they want to bankrupt the oil and gas industry.

So what's happening now is, Biden's so called 'puppet masters', those behind the scenes who are pushing the socialist agenda? They realize that they now have less than a year to go to push everything through.

"There's a lot of people there that have been in government for a long time, and know what they're doing" Kaufman told KTRH, "With Ron Klain kind of calling the shots, and the communications team that Biden has, I think they know what they were doing. They've been waiting to get in power for the 4 years when Trump was in office, and they're continuing in what has sort of become a 3rd term for Barack Obama."

Led by Joe Biden, who may not be the 'puppet' some make him out to be.

"The time for being a moderate has passed for Democrats" Brandon Morse told KTRH, "There is no way they can accomplish what they want, and their radical agendas without exposing themselves."

Let's go Brandon!


Photo: Getty Images

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