Rising Expenses Causing Houston Area Small Businesses to Suffer

Supply chain issues, record-breaking inflation, and lack of supplies and inventory are breaking some Houston small businesses - especially locally owned retail establishments with customers who may opt to go to big box stores for better prices. T he Houston Small Business Development Center gives advice to Houston small businesses and Assistant Regional Director Tori Rayne says she is seeing signs of higher expenses cutting into operational budgets. "We're getting requests for funding - which we translate: cash flow issues." Supply Chain issues are making what inventory they can get more expensive and Rayne says Houston small companies are seeing other issues as well. "Ii am hearing that we are also hearing a lot of Human Resources issues. Small Businesses are having problems with hiring. There are problems with finding people to work."

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Rayne says she's seeing requests for marketing help. "We're helping a lot of people with their websites." Marketing help will help find new clients/customers and aid in recruitment. Small Businesses employ almost half of American employees.

The University of Houston Texas Gulf Coast Small Business Development Center Network provides business advising, access to training, tools and resources to help small businesses start, grow, expand and succeed.


Lightbox with as sign we are open again behind a glass door of the cafe. We're open again after quarantine, video of small business owner. Please wear a face mask and keep your distance to protect

Houston Area Small Businesses are open - but for how long?Photo: Getty Images

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