What Is Really Going On With The Global Energy Crisis?

The so called 'global energy crisis' that we continue to hear about is not an energy problem. It's a policy problem.

The U.S. now under the Biden administration wants us to go green. Green energy sounds good on paper, but the reality is while it is renewable, it is not reliable.

"Because of an ideological campaign against fossil fuels, not only by the Biden administration, but by their ideological allies in other countries" said Chuck DeVore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "What you're seeing is that oil and gas production is not rebounding, and that's why we're getting these rising prices, and I think it's going to get worse."

So basically, recapping where we are now, less than 10 months ago before he even had dinner after being sworn into office, President Biden broke out the pen to kill oil and gas production here in the U.S. for two reasons. One, to go green, and two, to attack the state of Texas.

"What's really amazing is that our nation went from an energy exporter for the first time in decades, really going back since the 1950's" DeVore told KTRH, "It was like overnight, we're now importing oil and gas again, and it's due to the Biden administration's policies."

We went from being a nation that was energy independent, with arguably the best economy we've ever had, to where we are now, begging OPEC for oil, while paying nearly $5 a gallon in gas, even though we have enough oil here in the state of Texas to supply the rest of the world, forever!

We continue to talk about the divide in our country? The true divide is this. One group of Americans worships the creator, while the other group worships the idol of creation. It's that simple.

So what is the solution? "The big picture solution is that certainly from the American standpoint" DeVore said, "America needs America's energy, and we need to fight back against the Biden administration and their allies."

As we've written about ad nauseam over the last several months, Biden's multi-trillion dollar 'Green New Deal' will be a really bad deal for the U.S.

There is plenty of energy for the world, and it is not doing any damage. Summer has always been hot, and winter is usually cold. Nothing new. The world runs on energy, and this is about seizing control from the people who produce it, mainly Texas.

Democratic Politicians Reintroduce Green New Deal Legislation

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