Where Are We Headed With Biden's Vaccine Mandate?

So, Covid numbers are way down, and roughly 70% of adult workers in the U.S. are vaccinated. So why do we need a vaccine mandate?

It's a fair and legitimate question. Unfortunately, it is a question you cannot ask, or you will be cancelled.

"You can't ask questions, it's kind of a totalitarianism society" said political writer Dr. Brian Joondeph, who recently wrote an excellent piece for American Thinker


In the story, Dr. Joondeph reminds us what the mainstream media has apparently forgotten, and that is how both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi spoke out against any kind of vaccine mandates at the end of the last year. It's amazing how much has changed in less than 10 months.

In the meantime, the Biden administration wants the vaccine mandate to move forward, even after the U.S. Court of Appeals 5th Circuit issued a stay on the workplace mandate, citing "grave statutory and constitutional issues."

"It's gonna take awhile, these are going to be challenged in court and will likely work it's way to the Supreme Court" Dr. Joondeph told KTRH, "By the time this is settled, Covid will likely be over, but the mechanism is in place to force people to behave in a certain way."

Scary, oh so true. So what is the end game for Biden's vaccine mandates?

"The end game is a compliant population" Dr. Joondeph said, "When the government says jump, the people say how hi? You're dividing society on vaccination lines, it makes it easier for them to push whatever else they want, otherwise you're going to be lumped in this class of undesirables."

This is America in 2021.

Concept of coronavirus or covid-19 vaccine mandate, showing with doctor hands with gloves by placing sign board next to vaccine shots and syringe

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