The Rise Of The Robots Speeds Up Due To The Pandemic Labor Shortage

The rise of the robots is coming! In fact, it's already here! No, we're not talking about the Terminator.

But with millions of Americans still refusing to work due to handouts from the Biden administration, robots are being looked at as a legitimate option to help deal with our nation's labor shortage.

"In terms of your jobs being taken over by robots? that is not as 'tomorrow' as a robot doing a task to help with the labor shortage" says Peter Shankman, author and self proclaimed futurist, "There are plenty of tasks that can be done with robots right now to help with the labor shortage, there's no question about it, but the jobs themselves still require human interaction and we haven't mastered that yet."

With that said, companies are trying. As Shankman says, it's about finding a mix, and using automation where you can. "If there is a need for more robots, and a need for more technology, it comes from many factors, and people being out of work, and staying out of work is simply one of them."

As for the future, will we eventually see robots running the world. No, but there is going to be a harsh reality for those who are opting not to work. Eventually, those jobs that they want to go back to won't exist anymore.

"In 10-15 years, long haul trucking is going to be automated, and there's going to be no need for a driver after a certain time" Shankman told KTRH, who added that logistics, transportation, and food service preparation are all going to be areas where we see an increase in automation.

"The rise of the robots has been here, this is not new."

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Photo: Getty Images

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