Veterans are Thriving in the Workplace

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and many vets are now thriving in the corporate world. Veterans' unemployment rates are below the rest of the population (below 4% for the last 3 months - 0.7% below the national rate) and Kevin Rasch of the Warriors to Work - a part of the Wounded Warrior Project - knows why. "Their ability to get thrown into a situation and pick it up very quickly and then thrive in it sets them apart from the rest of the American population. Their ability to problem-solve and get the job done: those are the skills that the employers we talk to are looking for." Rasch says that working virtually is a snap for most vets. "They work from home and still get the job done, they have the self-discipline to actually understand what the requirements are and follow through with it."

"I think it's [the statistic] really a testament to the skill and the things veterans are bringing to the hiring table. They are very adaptable, they thrive in challenging situations. Our veterans are competing well for those jobs that are out there." Rasch says when military deploy, they get a sense of working autonomously and that carries over well to companies transitioning to remote working. He says there are many websites and groups that are designed to help vets find good jobs. The Wounded Warrior Project helped over 2100 vets into new careers from October 2020 to September 2021.

Here are a few sites that help Veterans find a new career.

Warriors to Work Recruit Military Veterans' Employment and Training Service Just For Veterans - Texas Workforce Commission


Young professional college student with resume at job interview

Veteran interviewing for a new job.Photo: Getty Images

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