Companies Loosening Job Requirements Amid Challenging Labor Market

Landing a new job has never been this easy.

Companies are speeding up the hiring process. Business owners desperate for more workers are loosening restrictions from age to experience level. In some cases, background checks are getting dropped. Economist Vance Ginn is concerned about the potential consequences of easing job requirements.

“A lot of employers are going to be hiring workers just because they need someone to fill that spot so they can produce, provide services,” Ginn said. “That may create a lot of mismatches across the economy.”

He says the move may also devalue a college degree. Drug store chain CVS, for example, made plans to end its GPA requirement of 3.0 when it recruits on college campuses.

“There’s been a long downward trend in the value of quality higher education, and this may start to put some of that death now into that four-year degree,” Ginn explained.

Even though COVID-19 numbers nationwide are dropping, it's hard to predict when companies might go back to tightening their restrictions.

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