Airlines Getting Creative Facing the Upcoming Holiday Crush

After American Airlines suffered Airline Hell with thousands of flight cancellations, they're offering their flight attendants triple pay for perfect attendance during the holidays! Airline expert Jay Ratliff says, " American is offering very generous pay bonuses to flight attendants who work all of their scheduled shifts during the holidays." He says he hopes other airlines follow suit as many other airlines are trying to avoid staffing issues. "Delta, United and others have been cancelling service to smaller cities under the pressure of not having enough staff in those locations. They're saying, 'We can only operate what we can do and don't want to cancel flights.'"

And the TSA could cause some more problems. Ratliff says, "TSA agents have to be vaccinated by the Monday before Thanksgiving. That means unvaccinated agents may not be working the busiest travel week of the entire year!" Imagine the length of those airport wait lines if unvaccinated workers can't show up for work! Ratliff says more than any other year to get to the airport 2 hours early --- only if you're not able to arrive 3 hours early!


female traveller texting at airport check-in desk

Holiday Airport lines could be REALLY long this year!Photo: Getty Images

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