Texas Lawmakers Urge Special Session After Biden Vaccine Mandates

Despite the ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that issued a temporary halt to Joe Biden's vaccine mandate to employers with 100 workers, the Biden administration is urging companies to ignore the law and the ruling, and proceed with mandate anyway.

There have been multiple lawsuits filed against the order, with the state of Texas on the list. The Biden administration has scheduled OSHA to begin the mandate on January 4, even though mandates are supposed to be approved by Congress, which this one was not.

So how likely is it that Biden's vaccine mandate will ultimately be struck down in a court of law? "I think it's very likely" said attorney Jared Woodfill, "Clearly President Biden has exceeded his authority, clearly OSHA has exceeded it's authority, and I'm glad the Fifth Circuit realizes and appreciates that there are issues raised by this unconstitutional mandate, and that they put a stay on it."

In the meantime, a group of Texas lawmakers sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott, asking him to call a 4th special session, to pass a law banning any vaccine mandates.

State representative Steve Toth, a member of the Freedom Caucus which was on the letter told KTRH, "My hope is that in the next couple weeks, the governor is going to call us in for a truncated special session for early December, and we can get this done in two weeks. We have the votes to get this done."

Stay tuned.

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